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Social Media Monitoring Training

Train your staff to effectively monitor social media during disasters, emergencies and crises. As social media becomes an ever-more critical component of emergency management, staff training is essential. Learn more here.

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Social Media Monitoring for Crises and Emergencies Webinar Training Series–Updated Schedule

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It’s well known that social media plays an increasingly vital role in emergencies and crises. But, few training opportunities exist to help emergency managers and communication experts set up and manage a social media monitoring program.

This series of four 90 minute live webinars features three recognized experts in emergency management and crisis communication.  Bill Boyd is a retired fire chief and safety executive with an industrial services firm. Serving as an  Incident Commander and on national DHS committees for social media in emergencies, he has become well known for his expertise and advocacy of use of social media to enhance public communication and situation awareness. Patrice Cloutier is a former broadcaster and current communication lead for a Canadian provincial government agency and has become recognized as one of the top researchers and experts in social media in emergency communications. Gerald Baron is the creator of PIER, the leading crisis communication management technology, and is the author of Now Is Too Late2: Survival in an Era of Instant News, called the best guide to crisis communications in the digital age.

Agincourt Strategies, the presenter of this webinar training series, in 2013 completed a contract with the City of New York’s Department of Health & Mental Hygiene on Social Media Monitoring Training. This project involved evaluating current emergency management plans and practices, identifying appropriate tools for the agency to use in monitoring and , defining a work flow and process for implementing monitoring information into the management operation. Key elements were identifying roles and structure, setting up the monitoring reporting process, identifying best methods for validating monitoring results, and developing criteria for effective drills and training. Classroom training was conducted with the identified monitoring team and a series of training videos including step-by-step instructions in the processes identified were included as was an online testing program.

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NOTE: Last two scheduled webinars postponed until further notice.

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