About Agincourt

About Agincourt Strategies

If building trust and protecting and enhancing your organization’s reputation is important to you, then Agincourt Strategies may offer some help.  The specialized field of crisis and emergency communication is rapidly changing. Agincourt Strategies brings together the most experienced and innovative thought leaders in this field to help keep our clients fully up-to-date with the changing landscape. Our focus is on training and education. We work to provide the best customized and packaged training programs available in this dynamic field.

One area of distinction is our focus on strategy and communication. As in the famous battle of Agincourt in 1415 (where we derived our name), the effective application of strategy employing appropriate technology can truly change the world. Gerald Baron, Agincourt’s CEO, is the creator of the leading crisis communication technology available–the PIER System. He is also a recognized thought leader in applying appropriate technology through proven and effective communication strategies to help client’s build trust and protect reputations. Agincourt Strategies is a network of top experts in the field of crisis communication, public relations, emergency management and communications and reputation management–all working together to help fellow organization leaders and communicators learn from each other.

Advanced Crisis and Emergency Communication Training & Education

There is no substitute for experience and most involved in crisis and emergency communication learn on the job. Our training programs are designed to supplement and support this on-the-job training. We work with proven leaders with many years of experience and translate that experience into highly practical manuals, books, video series, mobile apps, and “train-the-trainer” presentations. We have several training programs under development. Sign up to receive notice when those training programs are available.

On-Line or On-Site Training & Consulting

As we continue to develop training programs, we are offering on-line or remote training and consulting services in the following areas:

- Social Media and Emergency Management

- Social Media Monitoring Training

- Crisis Communication Planning

- Crisis Website Preparation

- Message Mapping

- Media Training

- Crisis Plan Gap Analysis

- Stakeholder Engagement Strategies


What We're Working On Now

Here are some of our current projects:

- Online Training Program Development
We're developing content for a series of online training programs for a Cabinet level federal department's emergency management training program. These include how to develop and manage an Emergency Public Information Plan and how to use social media in an emergency or crisis.

- Social Media Monitoring Training
Working with top experts Patrice Cloutier and Bill Boyd, Agincourt is completing a comprehensive social media training program for New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

- Crisis Communication Leadership Role Training
We're developing a series of videos for a global leader aimed at supporting their global crisis communication team capability with training specific to the primary roles in the communication organization. Roles include Information Gathering, Information Production, Dissemination, Inquiry Management, Stakeholder Engagement, etc. In addition to creating custom video presentations, online testing will validate that participants are comprehending the content.

- Utility Crisis Communication Plan Gap Analysis
Along with Crisis1 CEO John "Pat" Philbin, we're conducting an in-depth gap analysis of a major utility's crisis communication plan. This gap analysis uses Agincourt's 170 question analysis tool and will provide a concise review of key strengths and weaknesses, including how their plan and preparation compares to others.

- Vision and Mission Internal Communication
We're developing a comprehensive program designed to help a 500 employee manufacturing and distribution company instill their corporate values and mission throughout the organization. Incorporating video, online e-learning and testing, the program will help ensure all employees including new hires fully understand and use the company's unique vision and mission.

- Newsroom and Crisis Site Review
In-depth evaluation of current use and practices of PIER use in a major utility, including the development of practice and procedures manual.

- Writing Training
Developing and implementing a training program aimed at improving writing skills for the over one hundred staff people assigned to contribute content to this 8000 employee organization's website. Program includes a video series, online testing, and classroom workshops.

- Message Mapping
On-going project of risk analysis, scenario prioritization and creating message maps and initial statement templates for a large organization with wide range of emergency or crisis scenarios.


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